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Working for the betterment of life and environment.
M/s Evergreen Bio-Degradable Pvt. Ltd. is a company that believes in applying Healthy imagination towards the solutions to our environmental issues. Our commitment is to make sustainable health a reality through innovative technology and services focused on addressing global problems and solution towards environment all over the world. The proprietory additive (Rudra Master Batch) manufactured by us, used to manufacture 100% biodegradable polybags , plastic and garbage Bags etc., by adding 5% (by weight) Rudra Master Batch with normal carrybag production or polybag production gives you 100% biodegradable product which is elimenated (bio-degrades) within the time frame. The company started with the marketing of Rudra Master Batch with a noble purpose of helping the environment and preventing pollution. This technology has been tested and certified by Shriram Institute for industrial research. Bangaluru, Karnataka, India
The company is in the process of expanding its marketing division all over india with number of branches/franchisees.

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